Cruelty-free links


Websites worth visiting:

Listed below are links to websites that respect a cruelty-free lifestyle or have interesting and ethical content.

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July journal.coma cruelty free beauty blog

kether muse

bite sized thoughts

Buddy beds, memory foam pet beds


Circus gardenerseasonal vegetarian cooking with a side helping of food politics

Veg paradiseVegetarians in Paradise,  Los Angeles Internet Magazine

Ealing,  Ealing Friends of the Earth

The Contemporary,   Everything today’s pet owners need to create the lives their pets deserve

Atlanta Dog,  Canine Behavior & Training Specialists.

Animal Welfare,  AWF was founded to improve the welfare of animals

The natural,  Learn how to prevent disease, lose weight, improve energy and live vibrantly.

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit,  dolphins and whales of the Moray Firth

Evolve,  Working together for the animals.

Cats center,  Join Us as We Celebrate the Felines in Our Lives!

Animal,  campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promotes cruelty-free living.

Last Chance Animal Rescue,  a charity in Kent to rescue animals.

kindred,  a non-profit organization aimed at proactively addressing the plight of homeless cats.

Companion Animal Psychology,  The science of people’s relationships with their pets.

Habitat for,  The science of people’s relationships with their pets.

The monsters among,  Exposing the personal information of animal abusers to warn the public.


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