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famous vegans
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The Ultimate Guide To Vegan

Chapter 17. Vegan Celebrities – You Are Not Alone!

Celebrities have a privilege to reach wide audiences and influence other people’s deeds. This is not always a great thing, as sometimes this influence doesn’t go any further than skimpy outfits or superficial values. However, it would be absolutely foolish to accuse all celebrities of using their power recklessly. For instance, did you know that there are many famous vegans?

The list below will help you discover some of them. And who knows, maybe you’re about to find out that your favorite singer or actor supports vegan lifestyle?

Keep scrolling down to find out, as we’re about to present to you our list of 10 celebrities – famous vegans.

Famous Vegans:

Bill Clinton.

bill clinton vegan
Bill Clinton Vegan

That’s right, the former president went vegan a while ago! It was primarily due to health concerns, as Clinton had to undergo a stent surgery, and he also had a handful of other serious health issues to battle.

After going vegan, Bill Clinton reportedly lost over 20 pounds, and his health improved greatly!

Ozzy Osbourne.

Surely, Ozzy used to love munching on bats’ heads in the past, but not anymore by the looks of it!

The star’s venture into vegan lifestyle started after he watched the documentary “Forks over knives”. Ozzy noted that vegan diet definitely helps him stay fit, especially at the times of big tours.

Alicia Silverstone.

According to the former Clueless actress, the thought of eating animal products is almost repulsing to her. She is a long-known vegan, and she has voiced her ethical standpoint at Oprah’s show back in 2010.

Alicia notes that before going vegan, she would binge on donuts and other unnecessary foods. However, it’s all changed, and now Silverstone has an entire vegan empire of supporters under her.

Her cookbook, The Kind Life, is insanely popular – do you have a copy yet?

Mike Tyson.

Have you seen Taking on Tyson, the celebrity’s own show aired by Animal Planet? If you haven’t, check it out ASAP for the sake of seeing Mike Tyson nurturing and racing pigeons.

Apparently, the boxer has been a lifetime-long bird lover, and he also went vegan in 2009! The celebrity indicates that this lifestyle makes him feel better than ever – and we are happy to believe.

Natalie Portman.

This superstar is extremely passionate about veganism, and although she briefly went back to a vegetarian diet during pregnancy, she switched back again shortly after giving birth.

Natalie admits that she made a decision to go vegan after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals.

Kate and Rooney Mara.

The famous Mara sisters not only follow a strict vegan diet, but they also choose not to consume any gluten. They advocate for eating lots of fruit and veggies and trying to incorporate them in different ways, such as smoothies and salads.

Emily Deschanel.

Like for many Americans, it was the film Diet For a New America that prompted Emily to go vegan – and this happened over twenty years ago! Remarkably, Emily’s sister, Zooey, also attempted to make a transition to veganism, but had to give up the idea due to food sensitivities.

Ellen Page.

This superstar is a close friend of Kate Mara, and their friendship is largely supported by their similar ethical standpoints. Ellen is very outspoken about her beliefs and ideals, and she often starts conversations on social media advocating against factory farming.

Fun fact: in 2014, she was named the sexiest vegan of the year by PETA.

Ariana Grande.

This young, bright singer and influencer is the voice of vegan community when it comes to younger audiences. She has switched to vegan diet in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since then.

Ariana explained that she felt like making a switch due to various concerns and ethical dilemmas, from love for animals to her own health.

Pamela Anderson.

This lady has been a vegan and an animal rights fighter for the majority of her life. She has collaborated with PETA multiple times and participated in many pro-vegan campaigns.

Pamela is also happy to share her vegan cooking tips – check out her website called The Sensual Vegan.

With so many famous vegans taking the plunge, you may be wondering why is veganism such a popular lifestyle trend. And we’re happy to elaborate on this a bit!

There are multiple valid reasons to consider going vegan, including:

Health considerations.

The studies show that a plant-based diet may very beneficial for your health, reducing the risk of many chronic conditions and helping improve parameters such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Although veganism won’t replace your doctor, it may help reduce the number of visits at the very least!

Environmental concerns.

Did you know that veganism is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint, way ahead of cycling to work or recycling an odd plastic bag?

Going vegan is important to ensure the brighter future of our planet.

Animal welfare.

Although it’s not the only reason to go vegan, for most people animal welfare concerns are the primary transition trigger. By choosing to go vegan, you stand strong against routine animal cruelty and exploitation happening in all industries all over the world.

In other words, going vegan demonstrates true compassion for animals and respect to all forms of life inhabiting our planet.

Considering how many celebrities – famous vegans exist these days, and how many wonderful reasons there are to try this amazing lifestyle, there is literally no excuse to stay uninvolved!

So that’s the end of our Ultimate Guide to Vegan! We hope you have enjoyed our guide.

Please remember, its your journey and you should go at your own pace and don’t be swayed by others. We have provided you with some resources for you to get started but there is loads of help and advice out there but your first stop should be Cruelty Free Lifestyle Org! We live in the real world, not some sort of fantasy utopia and we feel that is the best way to stop animal cruelty.

Famous vegans show us the way! So brush off your doubts and set a goal of going vegan, and we will support you on your wonderful journey.


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