Grumpy Mule Decaffeinated 227g


If you are one of those special sorts who can kick without caffeine; this one’s for you.


Product Description

If you are one of those special sorts who can kick without caffeine; this Grumpy Mule Decaffeinated is for you.
And our mule’s going to make sure you don’t get shorted on flavour. This crop will change from season to season (see below to check that out), but you can be sure it’ll get the full patented Swiss water treatment so as to preserve the unique flavour and aroma of each and every bean. As if our mule would let it happen any other way. Here is a Mule who wants to look on the bright side of things. He does. He’s tried really hard to be that little ray of sunshine, to be fine with it all. But he’s not really that type. The mere sight of Robusta beans or instant coffee crumples his brow and clenches his jaw.

After all, good coffee is never a matter of taking it easy – flavour doesn’t just ‘turn up’. It needs to be cultivated by expert growers, coaxed by obsessive roasters, and given the ‘Hooves up’ by the fussiest critic there is. Organic, Fairtrade, Strength – It will kick you this hard – 3, Seasonal, ground, decaf – For those with a spring in their step, Carried from seasonal producers, With taste of smooth chocolate with a suitable acidity, This bag is full of ground Grumpy Mule Decaffeinated coffee, Roasted with pride in Meltham, Yorkshire

Grumpy Mule Decaffeinated Coffee: Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 100%

Vendor: Grumpy Mule

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