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Animals and Children

Introducing Children to animals There is an increasing groundswell of opinion that strongly believes that introducing children to animals at a very early age can significantly...

What Is Animal Sentience?

What is animal sentience? If you’ve just started researching animal rights-related materials, you’ve probably come across a certain term a lot, and this term is...

X Factor Finalist Releases Ground-Breaking Single For Animals!

  X Factor Finalist Releases Ground-Breaking Single For Animals! Singer Cate Evens has recently released probably the most important single of her life. (Her website is in...

Vegans and Animal Cruelty

The Ultimate Guide To Vegan! Chapter 3. How Going Vegan Helps Fight Animal Cruelty. If you think about it, we live in a very disturbing reality...

About Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Org

Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Org was founded in January 2013 by me! Yes, that picture is me (albeit a good few years ago!) I've always loved animals and...


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