Useful links


Listed below are links to useful websites that respect ethical values:


demes natural products

Dog per dayCute puppy pictures, dog photos and videos, organic dog food

Tea in the Tub

Gala’s blog

glowing bella

reviewer’s diary

Lindsay Detwiler


Kether muse

Raining cats n dogs, nonprofit animal rescue organization

Dissident voice.orga radical newsletter in the struggle of peace and justice

Dr CarneyHealth-Food-Science

Heal-online organ egalitarian network of activists

Indy.imIndependent micro blog site

Films for, A Learning Library for Changing the World

Civil Eats.comPromoting Critical Thought About Sustainable Agriculture And Food Systems

Judith Silverthornea multiple-award winning Canadian-based author  

Karuna FlameHealth Assessments & Treatments

Eco tours Kerala, 

Plant,  Plant-Based Health, Nutrition and Fitness

Ealing,  Ealing Friends of the Earth

Slim Sanity,  real food for busy people.

Well at,  supporting children and young people with medical and mental health conditions while they are at school.

Animals in society group,  Human-Animal Studies Research

Petticoats & Patriarchy,  A (Mostly) Feminist Blogs

EnviroAlternatives,  Live Green.

The Balanced Blonde,  A Health and Lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California.

K-StarGlamour,  KPOP Fashion & Korean Drama Fashion.

BW,  a Toronto wine agent representing a global portfolio of high quality wines.



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